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General Questions About Renewable Energy

Renewable energy employs resources that are free and local to create heat/ac or electricity. Unlike traditional sources for energy (oil, coal, and natural gas), renewable energy systems rely on the earth’s natural temperature, sunlight, or wind. These sources are readily available if you have the properly designed equipment.
Renewable energy is clean energy. Renewable energy does not deplete the earth’s resources, is less expensive to operate, and does not generate waste products.
While each system involves an investment up front, the operational costs of a renewable energy system are significantly less than a system relying on traditional means (fossil fuels). Achieve provides cost and carbon footprint savings for each proposal.
The return on investment varies depending on the system/type of renewable technology. Achieve helps you understand your payback period. We provide operational savings estimates for each of our projects.
Yes. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Stimulus Package) includes a tax credit for up to 30% of the cost of geothermal, solar, and wind systems installed by 2016 at residential properties. There is no credit maximum for systems in place after 2008. Similar incentives exist for commercial properties. Commercial projects enjoy accelerated depreciation. In many cases, increased property value from renewable systems is property tax exempt.

In addition to federal programs, many states have incentives of their own. The available incentives vary by location. Achieve will help you understand what incentives can apply to your situation.
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Yes. Some federal programs include energy efficient mortgages:
Individual states may also offer resources:
Almost any structure can be retrofitted to accommodate a renewable energy system. We would be happy to look at your particular structure and tell you how we would approach your project.
Geothermal: Annual or semi-annual system checks; filter changes Solar Photovoltaic: Annual cleaning; web-based performance monitoring Solar Hot Water: Annual inspection Wind: Visual inspection; Lubrication and filter changes (larger units); web-based performance monitoring
Warranties vary based on residential or commercial use and between technologies. Warranties of 10 years or longer are common for our products.
Generally, yes, some type of permitting will be required with local authorities. Permits might include building permits, electrical permits, grid-connection permits (solar-PV) or drilling/well/loop permits (geothermal).