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Questions About Wind Power

Like real estate, wind power is about three things: location, location and location. Wind projects require wind, space and height. Call us and we can help evaluate your property. In our preliminary evaluation, we will evaluate the average wind speed at your location with database tools. We will also discuss the ideal mounting height for the turbine and the required safety zone. Local zoning and other ordinances may limit the scope of your wind project. If your project shows promise, we can help you make more detailed plans to start generating your own power.
Depending on the application, permitting can be easy or very hard. It is best to contact your local building and electrical inspectors to discuss the requirements.
Turbines work best when they are above all nearby obstructions like trees or buildings. As a result they are often the tallest structure in the area. Height is important to avoid turbulence from wind coming off other objects. Turbulence can be less of a factor for some smaller or innovatively designed turbines.
Most wind turbines are fairly quiet.