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Project #3

Commercial Installation: New Hampshire

Key Site Information

Site Location: New Hampshire Town Hall

Site Details: Existing building retrofit for geothermal system. A historic 18th century church that had been converted to the Town Hall was retrofitted with a geothermal closed loop system.


Achieve completed the installation of a 20+ ton closed loop geothermal heat exchanger for the project. The heat exchanger was designed to supply the existing building and an anticipated future expansion.


Achieve designed a highly parallel vertical closed loop system using multiple bore holes and multiple u-bends of geothermal piping per bore hole. The design provided for a high heat exchange per foot of boring allowing the project to be completed with less drilling and stay within a constrained budget. The design also allows flow through the heat exchanger with low pressure loss for ease of fluid flow.


The entire Town hall is heated and cooled by a modern geothermal system. The resulting operational savings and increased comfort will provide benefits for years to come.