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Project #5

Residential Installation: Ipswich, MA

Key Site Information

CaseStudy-geopic4Site Location: Ipswich, MA 3,900 sq. ft. residence

Lot size: 5 acres

Site Details: Existing home retrofit for geothermal system Four heating and cooling zones are supported by a single geothermal unit Standing Column Well used as geothermal source


Achieve completed the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system in an existing 3,900 square foot, colonial-style home in Ipswich, MA. The geothermal system replaced an existing oil-fired baseboard heating system.


Achieve designed a force air heating and air conditioning system based on calculated the heat and cooling loads for the house. A Standing Column Well heat exchanger was designed and single groundwater heat pump. Achieve configured the geothermal system with four heating/cooling zones. The groundwater heat pump also supplies approximately half of the domestic hot water for the residence.


The standing column well was installed to a depth of 650 feet. A single geothermal unit is sufficient to provide all of the heating and cooling for the entire home. Achieve installed ductwork to all four zones. Separate thermostats in each zone control automated dampers on the supply and return ducts to maximize comfort.