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Project #6

Residential Installation: Marblehead, MA

Key Site Information

CaseStudy-geopic3Site Location: Marblehead, MA 3,900 sq. ft. residence

Lot size: 0.26 acres

Site Details: All three levels of home heated via radiant flooring High-velocity system used for air conditioning Standing Column Well used as geothermal source Close proximity to ocean considered in well design


Achieve completed the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system in an 3,900 square foot, three-level, coastal home in Marblehead, MA. This newly constructed home was designed for high efficiency and exceptional indoor air quality.


Achieve designed a radiant-floor heating and high velocity air conditioning system based on the calculated heat and cooling loads for the house. A Standing Column Well heat exchanger was designed and two water-to-water groundwater heat pumps were installed. Achieve configured the geothermal system with a seven zone radiant flooring system. In the cooling season, the heat pumps produce chilled water that is used in conjunction with a high-velocity air conditioning system to provide cooling.


The standing column well was installed to a depth of 600 feet and the two water-to-water heat pumps were ‘staged’ to activate together or independently depending on the heating and cooling demands. The temperature of the water in the radiant tubing is adjusted automatically based upon outdoor temperature. This ‘outdoor reset’ dramatically increases the efficiency of the system.