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Project #7

Residential Installation: North Reading, MA

Key Site Information

CaseStudy-geopic2Site Location: North Reading, MA 2,800 sq. ft. residence

Lot size: 0.92 acres

Site Details: Formerly heated by fuel oil Formerly cooled by two outdoor condensers Geothermal ground loop trenches to fit beneath driveway, into backyard Septic field and swimming pool presented space limitations


Achieve completed the installation of a geothermal heating and cooling system in an 2,800 square foot, two story residence in North Reading. The residence was heated by baseboards and cooled by two central air conditioning units.


Achieve calculated the heat and cooling loads for the house using industry methods. A horizontal closed-loop heat exchanger was sized according to the heat load requirements. One heat pump/air handler package unit was placed in the basement to provided heat and air conditioning to the main floor through existing duct work. One split unit heat pump was placed in the basement with the air handler in the attic to provide heat and air conditioning to the second floor through existing duct work.


Approximately 3,300 feet of pipe was placed into 550 feet of trench over a 5 day period. Pipes entered the basement through the foundation wall and were connected to the geothermal heat pumps at the opposite end of the basement. The units have hot water capabilities that the homeowner has opted to connect at a later date.