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Project #9

Residential Subdivision Installation: Massachusetts

Key Site Information

Site Location: Lexington, MA

Site Details: The project consists of a 22 home subdivision in Lexington, MA. Homes in the subdivision range in size from approximately 3,500 sq. ft. to over 7,000 sq. ft.


In planning the subdivision, the Developers evaluated available heating and cooling options for the structures. They considered traditional technologies such as fuel oil and natural gas. Based on efficiency, comfort and cost, the Developers selected geothermal as their option of choice. To date, all of the homes in the development has been geothermal.


Each home has a unique floor plan. As such, Achieve provides a custom geothermal design for each. To date, all homes have been heated and cooled with one or two geothermal units connected to a vertical closed loop system.


The efficiencies of geothermal HVAC are unmatched. The subdivision is now known as a geothermal development and has attracted buyers that want a 21st century heating and cooling system.