Wind Power Technology


Wind power is a true renewable energy available during all seasons, day or night and in any part of the country. The uneven heating of the earth creates low and high-pressure systems in the atmosphere. This uneven heating causes the movement of these air masses, which we experience as wind. The proper placement of a wind turbine can capture this powerful resource to create electricity.

At the right site, a wind turbine can provide more power for less cost than a solar system. However, wind power is very dependant upon average wind speeds exceeding the ‘cut in’ threshold of the turbine. When the wind speed is not above this threshold, the turbine will produce nothing. Potential clients cannot underestimate the need to carefully study their sites before installing a turbine. The best turbine installation in the wrong spot will be a dramatic disappointment. If you are considering a wind turbine, you should also understand that the turbine will probably need to be larger and mounted higher than most people think.

About the technology

Achieve Renewable Energy is partnered with DC Power and their full line of Kestrel wind turbines. The four residentially available turbines range in rated power from 600W to 3kW. The tower height can be as low as 27 feet! At 10 m/s or 22 mph the Kestral, 6 bladed E150 (left) will produce 400 watts of power while the Kestral e301i will produce almost 1,000 watts of Power!

This power can be harnessed to operate or offset your residential electrical use. Each turbine has a cut in wind speed rating of between 5 and 6 mph. This allows for electricity to be generated at very low wind speeds.

Impact on the Environment

There are no pollutants generated by the use of a wind turbine. There are no noxious gases being emitted to the atmosphere, no petroleum pollutants being inadvertently discharged to soil or groundwater by its operation, no mining of coal or drilling of oil or gas is needed. And most importantly the benefits will last for years. Wind is a free energy that does not require the installation of a large number of turbines to supplement electrical power for your house. A 25 square foot area of land with access above a tree line will allow the installation of your turbine
and help in reducing your energy cost.