Healthcare Facility: Presents Conversion of Healthcare Facility to Modern, Sustainable HVAC

Fairhaven, MA

A healthcare facility evaluated the available renewable energy options and selected Achieve Renewable Energy, LLC. to design and install a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP; aka geothermal heating and cooling).

We evaluated their goals and made some suggestions to improve their situation with results that were successful. Please read on to learn more about this project. 

Healthcare facility installation

Ground Heat Exchanger Installation.

Healthcare facility installation

Vertical Closed-loop Borings Prior to Piping and Landscape Restoration.

The Results:

The new heating and cooling system has been operating for over five years with substantial savings over the pre-existing system. With the help of a $127,100 grant from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility was able to install 11 GSHPs, which provide 58 tons of HVAC capacity for the facility. The GSHPs support over 35 separate heating and cooling zones. The residents have enjoyed the ability to have separate thermostat settings for each room. Achieve Renewable Energy, LLC. designed and installed the geothermal system. In addition to the greatly increased comfort, the GSHP system will save over 70% on the annual heating and cooling bills and decrease carbon dioxide emissions for heating and cooling by more than 65%. With no outside equipment, the GSHPs are nearly silent with very low maintenance.

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