Geothermal For Your Home

Come home to a clean, reliable heating and cooling solution

For years, our mission has been to provide geothermal  energy services that are designed to bring comfort, low operating cost, long service life while preserving our planet. Our geothermal solutions are customized to meet your specific residential needs. We continually strive to provide attractive solutions available for your budget that help you to improve your surroundings, reduce your carbon footprint and reap the benefits of a low-maintenance, long lasting energy system.

A residential WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump installed by Achieve offers:

  • A clean, reliable heating and cooling solution
  • Can eliminate the use of fossil fuel
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Provides a high level of comfort
  • Reduces your overall residential energy costs
  • Does not produce Carbon Monoxide
  • Give you peace of mind with a greener, more efficient, and cost-effective heating and cooling system

What’s in a name?

Different people refer to what we do with different names. You might call our systems: Geothermal, Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP), GeoExchange, or something similar. Some people get uptight about using the most correct name. We are more low-key and are happy you are thinking about making a great choice for heating and cooling your building (did we mention that we can provide hot water too). Call it what you want as long as when the installation is done, you call it GREAT!

residential geothermal energy - carbon footprint

Residential comfort that gives back

Geothermal systems are recognized by both the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Department of Energy as the most environmentally friendly, cost effective and energy efficient heating and cooling technology available. These systems also reduce the threats of acid rain, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions—problems directly linked to the burning of fossil fuels. In fact, installing a single geothermal unit is the environmental equivalent of planting 750 trees.

Breathe easy with an Achieve Geothermal system

Because a residential geothermal system from Achieve doesn’t use natural gas, propane, or oil for operation, there’s no combustion, flames or fumes, and no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Our geothermal solutions can potentially eliminate
    allergens from your home and often reduce dry and damp fluctuations.
  • Because we don’t bring in air from the outside, pollen
    and dust from your system are almost completely
    eliminated. High efficiency filters come standard with
    most of our units to provide exceptional indoor air
    quality and protect your family from dust and pollen.
    The units circulate air more often, further filtering the air.

Crazy Cozy Heating

WaterFurnace GSHP’s support an incredibly comfortable home or workplace. The equipment is designed to be running much more of the time than last-century solutions using fossil fuels. This helps your heating to be much more even and continuous. Don’t put up with blasts of heat and cool-down gaps from your furnace or boiler. Use the even comfort of geothermal. The near continuous operation of the GSHP can also provide air filtration and humidification. Go Geo and you’re Going Cozy.

Cool Breeze all Summer

When its hot, your air conditioner struggles to push heat from your home into the hot outside air. It’s like rolling a rock up hill! This is why ordinary cooling systems are the least efficient when you need them to be the most. Did you know that air conditioners and air-source heat pumps are efficiency rated when it’s not hot out? Don’t be fooled, that’s kind of like measuring your gas mileage while you are coasting downhill. Your GSHP has an easy time cooling your home because it is pumping the unwanted heat into the cool earth. Remember, the underground temperature is very consistent where the ground heat exchangers are built (from 30 to 500 feet below ground). The ground is a great energy reservoir for both heating and cooling.

We are proud to be a WaterFurnace GeoPro Master Dealer

Our close relationship with WaterFurnace provides Achieve what we believe is the finest equipment, technology and research available. WaterFurnace is a leading manufacturer of geothermal equipment and we are a proud GeoPro Master Dealer. WaterFurnace awards GeoPro status to the best of the best of their installers.  Find out more about what GeoPro means from WaterFurnace at their GeoPro webpage >