For over 5 years, our mission has been to provide renewable energy services that are designed to bring comfort, low operating cost, long service life and preserve our planet. Our geothermal solutions are customized to meet your specific needs. We continually strive to provide the best solution available for your budget while helping you to improve your surroundings, reduce your carbon footprint and reap the benefits of a low-maintenance, long lasting energy system.

Achieve Renewable is a Certified Water Furnace GeoPro Master Dealer assuring you the highest quality renewable energy solutions in New England!

How We Can Help

Savings Predictions – Achieve provides cost and carbon savings estimates with each of our proposals. This allows our clients to decide which options are best for them and how their choices will impact their bills and the environment.

Incentive Assistance – Achieve has staff dedicated to assisting our clients with available incentives and rebates. We provide information on the available programs and help you with clear invoice formatting, and assistance with forms and certifications.

Geothermal Design – Achieve uses industry based methods to calculate heat loads for each geothermal installation. The ground loop heat exchangers are sized using climate specific design principles. The ground loops are also designed using software to calculate pressure drop within the pipes to ensure efficient heat exchange.

Electronic Scheduling – Achieve maintains an electronic schedule of all field tasks. This schedule is available to all of our personnel in all of our offices. The use of one coordinated field schedule for the entire company allows efficient sharing of assets between offices and allows each task to be undertaken at the most efficient time. Our staff can access the field schedule from any location with internet access.

Document Scanning and Archiving – Work on each of our projects generates correspondence, file notes, calculations, drawings, maintenance records, invoices, and other documents. Achieve utilizes document scanning and archiving software to capture all of this information electronically. The information is then available for search and retrieval in each of our offices. Larry Lessard Founder